Vanuatu Dxpedition 2012

Latest News:

Update: 13th June 2012

QSLing has begun!  OQRS received up to today have been processed and posted. 

Now starting on the Direct requests with several hundred in the post tomorrow.  The rest of the backlog will be worked on from now on and I hope to be up to date with a week or two.  After this requests will be processed weekly.  Thank you all for you patience. 


Thanks to all who have sent some stamps for me.  It is appreciated.

Update: 23th May 2012

YJ0VK's DXCC Certificate arrived today.   We have also qualified for CW DXCC as well!  Thanks to all involved.



Update: 19th May 2012

QSL cards have been ordered.  Live QSL status has been enabled at:




You can check if your card or Online QSL Request has been received (and eventually sent).

Update: 9th May 2012

Online QSL Request at Clublog has been enabled for both direct and bureau requests.  Also the completed log has been uploaded to the ARRL Logbook of the World.


YJ0VK has acheived DXCC at LotW!  Thanks to all YJ0VK team members and operators around the world who have contacted us over the last three trips.

Update: 7th May 2012

The damaged log has been recovered and all remaining qso entries combined into the final log.  This will be checked for any further issues and as soon as this is completed an upload to ARRL Logbook of the World will be done.  Clublog has already been updated.


Update: 6th May 2012

The YJ0VK team returned home safely on the 5th May. More info will be provided on the overall results in the coming week.  Unfortunately the team got hit with an additional $320 freight charge by the airline on arrival at Bauerfield Airport in Port Vila.  Your support, however small, would be gratefully appreciated.  Please visit the support page and make a donation via Paypal.  Thanks in advance from the Team. 

Update: 5th May 2012

NOW QRT - The remaining team of 4 ops have now left Vanuatu.  Thanks to all who contacted us and maybe next time for those who missed out.  The final logs will be collated and uploaded as soon as possible.  Statistics etc will be listed here as well when the final data is available.

There has been an issue with one of the laptops failing on the last morning with up to 200 QSO's in doubt.  It will be worked on as soon as they return to VK and hopefully the data can be saved.  Once this data is finalised an upload to Logbook of the World will be done. 

Update: 3rd May 2012

The remaining of team of 4 ops is now suffering a 24 hour bug - as are some of the locals.  This has seen reduced activity in the past 24 hours.  We expect to have the 2 stations operating this evening local time (0700utc onwards), but our main focus is ensuring the ops get rest and recover quickly.  If possible we work some more RTTY, so listen for us and watch the cluster.
ps.  good luck to the guys in Yemen.

Update: 3rd May 2012

Our 15 minutes of fame!  :-)

Clublogs most active callsigns listing for 3rd of May 2012

Our 15 minutes of fame

Update: 2nd May 2012

The team has been on air since the 21st and has so far logged over 15000 qso's and counting.  As of today the team has been reduced to two stations and 4 operators as two have returned to VK.  The remianing ops hope to be on air as much as possible until around 2300 UTC on the 4th of May.   

Update: 20th April 2012

All packed and ready to go.  The team will be meeting in Brisbane on Saturday morning and will fly together to Vanuatu arriving later in the afternoon.  We have been advised that the resort we are staying at has recently been hit by lightning and it has taken out there Internet connection!  They hope to have it repaired and available by early next week so at the moment it looks like no connectivity until then.  We will try other options to do our daily log uploads etc. if it continues to be unavailable.  Stay tuned.

VK/ZL operators please note that we will be allocating some time on ANZAC day to AM operation in memory of the occasion - please listen and give us a call if possible.

Update: 27th Mar 2012

Just over 3 weeks to go.  All the equipment is now arranged - 3 HF stations will be active.  Most of the team will meet this weekend (1 April) to test and pack the gear ensuring the rigs and antennas are ready to go.  We have been monitoring the bands closely and will continue to do so in order to make the most of our trip. 

The main focus continues to be WARC bands and digital modes.  Based on the recent A35 activation we are concerned about 160m possibilities, but we continue to plan for this band.  We’ll aim to get an inverted L as high as possible and close to the water for 160m and be QRV through local sunset and sunrise.  Please note we do not have a permit for 60m this year so we won’t be activating that band at all.  The team have decided to focus on EU and making as many QSOs as possible, so our focus will be on the active bands (most likely 40-10) and EU, but of course we’ll listen for SA and AF as we did last year so please keep trying.  If you hear us and we don't hear you (especially SA and AF), drop an email and we’ll make a special effort to listen. 

Please continue to watch the News updates on this site for our latest plans.  The team departs VK in the early hours (local time) of the 21st April and arrives in YJ0 approx 0500utc on 21st April.  We hope to have 2 stations on air by approximately 0900utc.

Update: 21st Feb 2012

Flights and accommodation booked.  We will be on Vanuatu from the 21st of April (approx 1800 local - 0700 UTC) until the 5th of May (1000 local - 4th of May 2300 UTC).

Update: 14th Feb 2012

YJ0VK 2012 planning commenced