Vanuatu Dxpedition 2010

Team Information

YJ0VK is a dxpedition comprising of 4 operators from Australia. 

YJ0VK Licence - pdf copy to view

Team Members

Chris Chapman - VK3QB (Team Leader)

Allan Meredith - VK2CA  (QSL Manager and Webmaster)

Luke Steele - VK3HJ

Benton Vowles - VK3CBV


    • Radios: 
      • IC-7000 * 2
      • FT-897
    • Antennas:
      • 40mtr vertical which will reconfigure to 30 and 20mtrs
      • 20mtr vertical which will reconfigure to 17, 15, 12 and 10.
      • 80mtr dipole with open wire feeder (nice and light) and also can be tuned anywhere – and very efficient – also should play well with the verticals – as far as interaction is concerned
      • Inverted L for 160mtrs
    Equipment is still being tested and may change as we get closer the Dxpedition.

Operating Location

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QRZ Profiles

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