Vanuatu Dxpedition 2010

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By: Rick | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
Tnx for the effort and glad you made it back safely! Never heard you from either of two QTHs in the USA! 73!

By: VK3TZ | Date: Sep 7, 2010 | Rippletech Electronics
Glad you are back safe & well. Hope you had a great trip. Wish I could have been there. Looks like you had fun. Glad to catch u, especially 160m. Not new, but no QSL yet. Pity ol' sol did not party.
Best Regards

By: fo8rz | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |

Tnx for all QSO.
Hope you had a lot of fun operating in YJ0.

Best 73 from Tahiti

FO8RZ Phil

By: VK4MIA | Date: Sep 5, 2010 |
Great Dx'ped guys I was crossing my fingers for a 20m contact on the first day and it happened, and then on 40m 90 mins later......can't complain ;-)

73 de Derek

By: N4SC | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Thank you for an outstanding effort and an excellent DXpedition! Wish we would have had better propagation but you did great for what we had. We really appreciate your strong efforts!!


Roman N4SC
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

By: on4aef | Date: Sep 2, 2010 |
Hi YJ-guys...
Unfortunatly after pushing a whole pile up I catch you the last minute on 17M CW hi.
Thanks guys for hte nice job and the new one for my on 17M.
Fly safely home and thanks again.
73's Jean ON4AEF.

By: on4aef | Date: Sep 2, 2010 |
Hi YJ-guys
You where loud and clear into Belgium at 31 august 2010 at 09.00 Z on 18077.0 Mhz
Spent a try on you but no reply,despite a new one for me on 17M CW.
I suppose next time better listen to pistolet stations also ?
Regards Jean.

By: Bob / VK2ABP | Date: Sep 2, 2010 |
Well done guys - was great to catch you on a few bands

By: AKIRA JH3JEX | Date: Sep 2, 2010 |
Thank you so much for QSO of my small signal
by Inv.Vee antenna.



By: zl3pah | Date: Sep 1, 2010 |
Hi, I have worked you on 40m & 80m cw but see you have logged me as ZL3PAS instead of ZL3PAH. Wonder if you can correct the log? Looking for you on other bands/modes.

73 Phil ZL3PAH

Total Entries: 73
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